Change History



  • Fix feature_flags.if_enabled to ensure doc string and function name are passed to the decorator wrapper.



  • Improve the settings reset to properly apply the base-settings after reset. These are the basic settings required for the application to operate correctly.



  • Add reset option to settings modify context to allow settings to be completely cleared during testing. This is particularly useful for testing CLI methods.



  • Builtin feature flags support for enabling functionality at runtime


  • Change to initial logger so early log commands are replayed to the entire logging framework after logging has been configured. This could cause initial log messages to be displayed subtly different however log messages will follow the rules defined in your logging configuration.



  • Add TOML support for remote configuration.

Security Updates

  • By default require TLS 1.2 for HTTPS connections to fetch remote configuration.



  • Delayed logging on startup, initial log messages are stored (critical messages are still displayed) to allow for logging to be configured before the stored messages are replayed for the now active logger. This also opens up the option of file only based logging.

  • Command signature can now accept the Optional values for both positional are optional arguments, this allows for optional positional arguments.

  • Argument grouping support enable, with builtin CLI commands grouped.

  • Single file scripts. A single script can now be used with pyApp, allowing even quick scripts to take advantage of pyApp features and extensions.

  • Command signature generation. CLI arguments are generated from the arguments signature of the command function.

  • Improvements to checks to handle unexpected exceptions. Rather than checks outright failing errors are caught and reported along with a stack trace.

  • Switch to using poetry

Bug fixes

  • Custom logging configuration was not being applied for logging defined in settings

  • Using an _ in a positional argument signature caused an exception in argparse

  • Positional arguments caused an exception in argparse, a entire new suit of tests was added to address this issue.



  • Async commands, app.command can not be applied to async functions and handle the event loop.

  • app.default now returns a Command Proxy supporting async and additional command line arguments.



  • Added Object config loader, to aid in integration into other frameworks eg Django.

  • Add argument action for handling Enums

  • Add argument type for validation with regex


  • Utilisation of pylint to improve and maintain code quality.

  • Use sys.exit instead of the exit.

  • Fix command aliases not being resolved at run-time bug.

Backwards Compatibility

  • The inject_into decorator has been removed use the simpler inject decorator in it’s place.



  • Coloured log output be default (for ttys)

  • Root module no longer required for CliApplication, is auto resolved (most of the time)

  • Added compatibility tools for marking methods to be deprecated.


  • Change exit to sys.exit for compatibility with pyinstaller.

  • Greatly improved documentation, some sections re-written to improve clarity.

  • Correct when event bindings are stored.


  • Migrate from pyapp.injection.inject_into to plain pyapp.injection.inject will be removed in 4.2.0.



  • Aliases for NamedPluginFactory entries


  • Generate explicit CannotImport exception if an invalid object is specified to a NamedFactory.

  • Have checks handle import errors



  • Added callbacks in addition to events

  • Added specific exceptions for NamedFactories

  • Added NoDefault mode

  • Updated extension report to report code (so extensions that register multiple items don’t just look like duplicates)

  • Shorted name of inject_into to inject (left alias of inject_into)

  • Shorted name of FactoryArgs to Args (left alias of FactoryArgs)

  • Added registration of factories into CliApplication, initially supports the asyncio event loop.



  • Added events support